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By June 21, 2018Blog
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This website was created over 20 years ago, before being taken down approximately 1 and a half years ago due to lack of funding.

I have worked with several thousand veterans. Finding some sleeping in their cars, have no money, with little help from our government. It is a know fact that 22 veterans commit suicide each day and I made a commitment to help them as long as I live.

Today, my website is up and running because of what Service Officer Gary Coletti was able to accomplish for me. I recently applied for all of my veteran injury benefits and am now receiving 65% disability approximately 65 years after my service. Unfortunately, I lost over $1,000,000 in benefits due to not applying back in 1951.

I have been working with Gary Coletti helping veterans for several years. One day, Gary asked about my service story. Afterwards, he said I should be receiving 100% disability for my service-related injuries and, thanks to Gary, I’m now 65% of the way there. This newly created website will continue to help veterans and our people of need gain access to the benefits they are entitled to. Gary is now reapplying for the 100% he said I am entitled to receive. However, at the moment, the government has stated that they have lost my records and can only pay for the injuries they can see.

Still, with this newly acquired funding, I have been able to restart my website and now have the funds to continue helping veterans. Please contact Phillip Chung here if you would like to have your website added as a resource or if you would like to add a benefit to veterans on this website.

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