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By June 10, 2018Blog
Byron Holtzclaw

Reasons to select Byron Holtzclaw

to help you turn your business around

Byron HoltzclawLicensed Realtor

Licensed with Remax Realty.


Uni-Comm Systems, Corp.

Plant/Production Manager

Borden “Fortune 500” Corp.

Plant Manager

Western Globe Products, Inc.

Sales Master 8 times

Herbert Hawkins Realty

  • #1 of 1,700 agents with 54 offices
  • Working part time in Real Estate
  • Over 30 years of experience as a licensed Realtor
    • No Registered Complaints in over 30 years
    • Currently licensed with Remax Realty
    • Business Graduate
    • Credit Report with a FICO score of over 800
    • Who’s Who in California 1986, 16th edition

Business Graduate

Naval Business College San Diego, 3.95 GPA

For A Consultation, Call (562) 858-4230

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