A Veteran’s Stolen Dog

By June 11, 2018Blog

One day, I was watching Channel 7 and there was a story about Roger LaClare, a disabled World War 2 veteran, and he was crying on his porch because someone had stolen his dog from his property. I couldn’t sleep all night after watching that. The next morning I called the police and asked if the dog had been found, which they told me no. I found out the numbers to the different news channels and contacted them that I wanted to post a $5,000 reward to find his dog.

Channel 7 said that it would be on there at 3pm, interviewing me and taking pictures. Channel 2 called me at 2:45pm that the dog had been turned in. They had a big party at Cris and Pitts and my $5,000 was given to him anyway for dog food since Channel 7 said I didn’t have to give it as a reward anymore.



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