A gift from the Bastards Club in Downey

By June 1, 2018Blog

This Quilt was given to me as the highest reward I have ever received and was given to me at the Bastards Club in Downey on Memorial Day, 2017 by Operation: Blocks for the Brave.

That day I was picked up by a close Marine friend of mine who was 100% disabled and taken to the “Bastards Club” in Downey. The club was named after a famous marine battalion. In the parking lot of the club there were approximately 2,000 veterans attending and they even had to close down the street where I was interviewed and asked to be on stage with 3 other disabled Vets and presented my highest honor. I felt undeserving seeing my fellow Vets with missing limbs however.

My marine buddy spent 2 tours of duty in Iraq, 22 years in the marines and was injured by a roadside bomb. his name is Recardo Mendoza and has a son touring Russia now. Recardo told me he would give anything for a Quilt like that. I told him to keep it, however,  he returned it saying he could not.

If you try to purchase one of these blankets, they will not be sold for any amount of money.

Recardo Mendoza               



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